What is the Ecommerce Landing Pages?

Ecommerce Landing Pages is a part of an advertising campaign. It can be use for marketing. Like if you wanna add your audience by Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter then you can use Landing Pages. 

What is the Ecommerce Landing Pages, ecommerce marketing,

Ecommerce Landing Pages is the best option for increasing the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns. By making high converting eCommerce landing pages can be hard for beginners. But if you try & join with a free tutorial then it would be easier for you. 

Types of Ecommerce Landing Pages

You know what, there are so many types of Ecommerce Landing Pages. So you have to choose the right one for your business. Before that you have to know how many types of Ecommerce Landing Pages can be used for marketing campaigns. Let's take a guess! 

Resource Download Pages

Resource Download Pages offer a completed description. That description can be related to resources. Also you can use a simple form. So that you can collect visitor information. By the way It's possible to create a strong call-to-action by using Ecommerce Landing Pages. 

Examples: Let's see some real Ecommerce Landing Pages. Specially Download pages example. Check out Adobe offering whitepapers or guides to take a look. 

Product Detail Pages

Product Detail Pages are so popular Ecommerce Landing Pages. To create this kinda page you have to use high-resolution images and videos. 

Don't forget to add detailed descriptions with specifications. Try to highlight key benefits. And offer customer reviews and ratings to get more attention from your audience. 

Examples: Amazon product pages is the best example of Product Detail Pages. Because you can see a detailed descriptions, multiple images, and customer feedback in one page. 

Category Pages

It's really important to use high quality Ecommerce Landing Pages in an e-commerce site. It will help you to brief your clear categories and subcategories to your audience. 

You can use high-quality thumbnails for click bait marketing. Also add sorting and filtering options. Make a brief product description for this kinda landing page. 

Examples: Walmart's category pages are super real examples of this kinda landing page. Audiences easily can filter price, brand, and customer ratings.

Sales or Promotional Pages

Sales or Promotional Pages means you have to add urgency with countdown timers to your page. Or use bold and contrasting colors for sale banners to make it super duper viral. 

Don't forget to display discounted prices. Also add clear call-to-action buttons for confessing with your audience. 

Examples: Check out Black Friday pages to know how Sales or Promotional Pages look like. Overall we can take it as featuring limited-time offers and prominent discount banners for marketing. 

Lead Generation Pages

Lead Generation Pages is a sales page with compelling headlines and offering valuable discounts or free trials. Btw it this kinda Ecommerce Landing Pages you have to keep forms short and simple. Also try to use a strong call-to-action button for better attention. 

Examples: Try HubSpot's lead generation pages. It offers free eBooks or marketing resources by collecting the audience's email addresses. Checkout More : The Essential Guide to Success in Affiliate Marketing

How To Create A Ecommerce Landing Page For Free?

You know what, nowadays Creating a Ecommerce landing page is super easy & completely free. There are so many free tools available that offer user-friendly interfaces. Let's know more: 

Get Free Landing Page Builder

First of all you need a Free Landing Page Builder. Several platforms offer free plans. So you can try those tools. Like: 

Create A Account 

After choosing the right Free Landing Page Builder, you have to create an account. Don't worry! It's completely free & super easy. 

Just visit the website, click the "Sign Up" or "Get Started" option, add your email, create a strong password and set up your account. That's it! 

Choose & Customized a Template

Now It's time to create a  Ecommerce Landing Page in a second. So open the tools & click on “Templates” or “Start a New Site” from tools. Now check those free templates. 

Then pick one that matches your goal. You will get more options like for product promotion, lead generation category. So choose your needed one carefully. 

Now It's time to customise. So upload your logo, add a clear and engaging headline, create a super click bate tagline. 

Set Domain & Test Your Page

Add a custom domain for free. Lastly check & test your created E-commerce Landing Page. Remember that it’s really important to check it for any errors. Specially check the mobile view. Then simply click the “Publish” button. 

Best Practices Ecommerce Landing Pages
  • Create a headline to explain the main offer or product 
  • Use clear & attractive visuals 
  • Highlight key points with simple tune
  • Use clear, action-oriented text for engaging 
  • Show customer reviews for a proof
  • Make it easy for users to find
  • Test different elements
Warming Up

Hope we could explain to you What Is The Ecommerce Landing Pages & how can create it for free. So don’t waste your time. Use it for better marketing. Try to create effective, user-friendly ecommerce landing pages. One day that drives conversions crazy for your marketing.

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